Legacy Fitness

SECTOR: Gym Fitness Centre
TYPE OF WORK: Rebranding

Legacy Fitness, a prominent gym brand, sought a rebranding initiative for their new location at Prestige Shopping Centre, Royal Road Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius. Their objective was to enhance visibility and appeal to potential members by adopting a classy and modern brand image.


The primary goal was to create a reinvigorated brand identity that would resonate with the public and inspire individuals to join the gym. Additionally, the client wanted to maintain continuity with their existing brand image by retaining the red and black color palette.


Our comprehensive approach to rebranding encompassed thorough research, including market analysis, competitor benchmarking, and understanding Legacy Fitness's core values. This groundwork laid the foundation for crafting a brand strategy that aligned with the client's objectives.

Concept Development:

Beginning with an analysis of Legacy Fitness's existing logo and vision, we embarked on a creative journey of exploration and ideation. Sketching served as a vital tool to visualize new concepts and effectively communicate ideas to the client.

Design Execution:

Incorporating the client's preference for the red and black color scheme, we developed the new logo in vector format, refining it iteratively to achieve the desired aesthetic. The chosen color combination conveys a sense of determination and readiness to embrace challenges.


The finalized logo features vertical and horizontal line shapes within a bordered circle, symbolizing strength and progress. The circular form reflects the brand's philosophy of unity, completion, confidence, and harmony. This cohesive visual identity was applied across various touchpoints, ensuring a unified brand experience.


The rebranding effort successfully elevated Legacy Fitness's brand image, enhancing its visibility and attracting new members to the gym. The modernized logo resonates with the target audience, conveying a message of strength, progress, and unity. Initial feedback from both existing and prospective members has been overwhelmingly positive.


By seamlessly integrating research, design, and client collaboration, we transformed Legacy Fitness's brand identity, positioning them for success in their new location at Prestige Shopping Centre. The rebranding initiative not only achieved the client's objectives but also reaffirmed Legacy Fitness's commitment to empowering individuals on their fitness journey.

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